Simone White: Christmas Makes Me Blue

Simone White: Christmas Makes Me Blue

Simone White –la chica folkie de la ya famosa the beep beep song (ya es objeto de anuncio TV, de Audi) – ha grabado esta preciosa canción antinavideña que escuché en el último Popcasting de Jaime Souvneir. La regalan aquí   sólo durante la navidad.


 This is a wry seasonal protest blues, beautifully sung in the balance of the forlorn and the arch, in the great tradition of Bob Dorough's Blue Christmas (with Miles). Full of genuine good cheer, actually. Also making its debut here, Blueprint is more brooding and edgy, but beaty for a change.We'll be selling downloads from this site in the new year. Meanwhile — till Christmas — here's one on us. The MP3 is high quality, 320k


In an interview with, she explains how "Christmas Makes Me Blue" came about. "I ran into a friend in a Christmas tree lot, I was in my car with the Christmas tree tied on top. He said, “You have to come to our Christmas party next week. And bring a carol to sing, everybody has to sing.” He drove off and I sat there thinking, first I was thinking, oh no, what song should I bring, I don’t know any carols that I like. Then I’m thinking I actually hate carols. Then I started feeling depressed about various things about this party I was going to and about this other party that I wanted to go to but I hadn’t been invited, then I was thinking about my childhood and how horrible it was at Christmas, my parents were split and I had to choose who to spend Christmas with and it always made me feel guilty and bad. I was in the car for about forty minutes and by the end of it I had basically written the song.

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